sya izz need ur help!!!

assalamualaikum..melalui ni jer laaa inisiatif yg sy ader sbb sy daa revert intoo clasic..x faham..what's next i must do?? i can't make anything tht i like in my own blog...please help me..


hye everyone!
i' m back..but for a while..i take this golden chance to update my a saying goes" a mere flash in a pan"..tht's not easy to me in updating this blog...but i think it's totally teribble...actually this is my mid year school holidays..just 2 weeks..never mind..the shorter the better!!!! as i'm totally boring and dizzy!! dizzy?? yup..dizzy because it bothers my mood..i'm saying the true..when i'm make me lazy..then, lazy make me fussy in everything..i wiil be so anger.." i want tht,..i want everything!!!.also make me dreaming a lot..but a good dreaming ok..wht i'm dreaming for?? errrmmm..i'm dreaming about my bright future..!!!!! it come suddenly..i can't stop it from playing throughout my mind...urrghh..dizzy again..!!! but the best part is i 'm happy as lark!!! i'm happy to imagine tht wht i want become true in my future..but it such a dreaming..i know tht i need to struggle before i can get wht i want and dream for wright????..

ermm..i'm sure tht after this fantastic holiday..i wiil be busy with tution, homeworks, extra class homework..tht mean a sacrifices wright?? a sacrifices wiill lead us to success..i always keep tht my spirit is at the top of the world..although this holiday make me happy, difer with my old friends,zahiruddin as his father had passed away last friday..i feel so symphaty toward him..i hope, he can smile and become cheer up boy can do it my friend..i understand how's your feeling now, it so hard to accept the God Majesty..
if it happen to me, i also don't no how to figure up my feeling..i will give up..but i know my friend, family and relative are besides me..i hope you are also thinking like tht..!!!!..and i want to visit you..but there's a few barrier..but don't worry i will visit you soon..with all our this time just be strong and look foward for your future and also your families future..thinking possitive ok??

errmm..i think just that what i write this time...our future is our responsible!!!..once again