sunday (25 november 2009)

asussual today i went to my school....
had school assamblly and then after finished i headed to my classs...
in the short time assembelly, t'cher rahamah who on the duty last weekend gave a speech
about the event held along the week..
 And the hedmistress, pn hjh sabariah bt wan bakar was talked about the
student diciplined in school... because a few days ago, the student diciplined quite bad
 and uncontrolled.. do not think the symbol islamic was good at all part..especially  the student's diciplined.
i'm not tried to affecting anyone..i loved the school..because of that, i thought the school must and need to planned a way to avoid something social work between the student..
4 me,skima student was better than socialist student . what i mean skima here was
such obey with the school role..not in wearing clothe..
 i thought just that what i nan exchange today...
assalamualaikum.. gud nite...
and before forgot, sya izz and syieqa just leave the comment..


♥ Sya Izz ♥ said...

hye zahir..what a good post..talking about the student's attitude .. haha .. by the way,good luck in ur exam..maybe it's true what u said...skima student is better thank socialist student..but..sometimes...socialist student is better than's up to u and to decide and think aout it..haha..i'm just write down nonsense here without aim..haha..just because my name was in ur i feel glad..wakaka..k zahir..see u at school later..good luck and don't shy-shy cat to talk with me at school .. sometimes u should me a socialist student .. Be a nonstop talking student..haha..that's my riddiculus say...ignore it...plezz..don't shy-shy to talk with me k?..why?.because i'm also don't shy-shy to give you a talk..haha..what i said..k..bye!..update ur blog always!..i think ur so power in english language...i'm so jealous with i can be like you?..great in english?..haha..hope i will...wish we're friends forever!..bye!

Deep heart,
Sya Izz