nEvEr sAy gOoD bYE...

assalamualaikum, how are you guys??? good or bad??? or at the middle?? ha..ha.. actually
my aim here tonight to declaire that i will not always update this blog soon...i have my own reason to do this..
but that's not mean i will leave it just like that..if i have a leasure time..i thought i will..update the blog..
i affraid , if i could not manage my time wisely, and it just wasting..i will make sure that thing never hope so wright???

the reason why because, i will face with soo many examination this year..and i want all of the result of examination are good..what i mean all "A"...that my willing this year for make it beome true, i must start from now..this moment...with a hardwork and also a good deed...i feel so sorry about that thing..because this is for my own goodness..i hope you guys understand with what i said just now..ok...i promise i'll not leave my blog so far..yea.. i went for a registeration for my school for 2010 excited and also nervous..ha.ha..just kidding..yea..yea..i still at 3ibs..soo happy..erm..the shocked one was ustazah maimunah had been our class teacher for this year..yes..3..that what i waiting for..i happy with it..but i also feel quite sad because it was about four students was drop by..and two students replace their place..i not sure yet, because i did not get the list of the student..but congratulation to the students who stayed in 3 ibs this year..we was the best..and all SMKANI students was the best ever..and after..ALL A WAS OUR VISSION..hold it on..

i try to write as long as i can now, ermm, ket us talk about our planning for 2010..what are u guys planning for??? trip?? i don't think soo..for what trip..urh.nonsence..of course about our plan to get sucess..wright??
a big plan for a bridge of successne...if u would like to tell me soon..just comment at  my blog..ok

i thought just that what can i told you..ok..bye..salam one MALAYSIA..good night..
i hope 2010 will give us a lucky fate..insyaAllah..Amin...Shukran..jazzilan...


Princess Demon Angel said...

hurm... Aifaa still dlm class tu, ke??

Melody of Lexy said...

Let's all get 8A's for PMR this year!
hey, how's syerah haa???
send my regards to her k~