pRa-PmR cOuntDoWn..

  hye assalamulaikum..
           hey..pra -pmr is around the corner...sooo..around the all candidates get ready our best make a that we are the best team ever!!!! show all our spiritualselves..common guys , we can do it!!!! as a saying goes" determination leads to success right??? do the best and beat the best!! convince this eleventh hour, don't stress our mind first, just be calm but no a "silly" calm.., "wise" calm..if we can't stop with something that we like to do, we must have a dicipline..yup..are u thinking wht i'm thinking?? i mean time management is really2 important at this moment..ya2.don't spend most on sociall but most on preparation..for suggestion, u just spend about half hour or fifteen minute on FB, BLOG, and is up to you if u want to on9 everyday or not as u had spend ur time wisely..time to fb, time to gain knowledge, time to make homework, and don't forget house chores also..and prays!!!! and for me the people who think on9 fb ,blog or etc everyday is not a good habbit, all of them are totally wrong!!! but, it will be right if there's no DICIPLINE....!!!there's no successness without dicipline..believe me...ya, i know who i'm to give an advise right?? but i think it such an alternative way to avoid something that make our future dark more thing, just believe on what u convince in k...!!! be urself...confident!!! no matter kind of obstacles we have, we have to face it..FIGHTING!!

ok..bye gasahamnida..