what a fast world!!!!!

    ermm, i thought about a few days i don't update my blog...what can i do..a while the internet broke down..and sometimes i became lazy to faced with the computer soo far..but it absolutely impossible..hak..hak..this week was the last week of our school holiday u know...so fast..201o  also around the corner..again gud bye 09..i have a problem now, can i know when is the registeration for my school (smkani)?? soo weird..but damned also..
what i know that the school session will start soon..so what's the date? somebody said 2 jan ..somebody also remained that it was 31 dec..which one..???

ermm..i also symphaty toward the family of  the victim that involved in an accident a days ago..what a traggict!!!
10 just died liked that..soo unfair..but may god know..the god loved them...hopefully, that will never happened again..and 4 ever..let us gave the al- fatihah..it's not to late..but we can always...hopefully they will placed in the paradise(4 islam)..it schocked us wright??? because we just have a few days before 2010 began..

just now, i had created a poem to u..maybe i will exhibit it tommorow maybe...it was about the last love of somebody that call a men to the one in a thousand..i interested to made it after i heard one song that called cinta terakhir which sang by aiman. i really falling in loved to that song..that was the best song ever..i thought laa...it just nice...