deliver a promise

assalamulaikum, yesterday i promised that i wanted to tell u about one announcement right? today i go na told that to u as i promised. acctually, today i had been shocked by my final result. so unexpected result that i had never got before this.
i 'm waiting a dat to day..and keep asking to my teachers.
''teacher i got A or not'' but just apart of them gave a respond ..ha.ha but now i know my full result...
the result are..?????
i wanted to tell or not. i still not sure..buttt.
it was a promised. i can't disobey with a promised..
i was a big sin. ermm....
thinking first...
ok actually 4 my final are ..
not bad at all..
but i still not contented with it bcause..
i got 8A 1B..
want to know the B???
my killer subject..
i 'm not contented with it..i wiiling this school holiday i must and need to do a lot of all subject..
the war was began!!!!
ok that's all today..just click post comment..and leave the comment...thank u..


♥ Sya Izz ♥ said...

Wau zahir...a good lyout blog..u have some good taste..haha..ermmm...u got 8a 1 b?..owh!!it's awesome..Congratz tu u!..i'm proud with u,frenz..haha...ermmm...can u put a shoutmix for ur's quite good for us and other.haha..well..well..i don't have idea to write on comment..lalalala...juz wanna say that u and me frenz forever..haha..but seriously,this layout make me feel's was very the way,see you at school next week...don't be a ''encik pemalas'' okeyh!!!...haha..

rain lover,
Sya Izz
Sweet fourteen

z@hir_ReVoLuTiOn said...

thank u ....he..he..i have a taste..
u know what it's quite difficult laa to choose the layout...
anyway thankz 4 that...

♥ Sya Izz ♥ said...