salam. ermm ..today also such a nice day 4 me. i can walked with my frenz mukmin, syafiq 2r, fakrull, hazim n many more la. although we did knew what to do, we can knew a full result of our exam such our final exam graph. so lucky. a part of the student today was absent. soo lonely. but today the management let us returned home early.

 owh i had one story. when i accompanied syafiq n mukmin to send their text book... i meet with a few people who talked with the caunceling teacher cg. azman. we went toward them. u know what happen next? we offred to attend a trip to TASIK KENYIR , wow soo unexpected. we eccept it. at the same time, i had never been there before. i felt very pleasure n excited. yea..yea..yea..

we will boarded there this friday noon and checked out this sunday. so that mean we will stayed there for 3 days 2 night. that ok laaa.. i had been told that trip was organized by the ppd for campaign mesra alam.
wow...i being soo excited..

ok..laaa that all today..gud nite bye,..bye..salam....