shocked exsperience was the last day i went to the task kenyir for a trip. you knew what, there i got a lot of new exsperience which was so interesting and amazing. i can't give the real figure but i can change my exsperience there.

Ermmm... the first exsperience that i told was about the environment there. overall , i felt very content with the trip. i also can got a new frenz from another school that i glad to meet. actually, before the trip, my teacher said the trip was cancelled. i felt so sad. but the i got  a good news at noon that said the trip was go on.
sooo happy......

  • ( first day)
i had capture a lot of pics and videos..although the time was in raining , i still go on with it. the sorrounding  there was as beautiful as at the overseas. at the first night, we spend my time in the ship. the thing that shocked me was the price of the ship was RM1200. it was expensive because the ship was not completely been manage. but it give an experience that  i had never face. we sleep like a fishermen that sail on the sea. if we not been careful, we will fall into the lake.

  • (the second day) 
in the cheerful morning, i was the first person that earliest woke up. it still raining and dark. so pity.we had to done our activities in the rain. but i took it as adventure for me. we also forced to canceled a few activities which was already in our schedule. from the boat, we change to another boat to sail to Orang Asli island. the island was quite small but suitable for a tourism. there's no orang asli but it just the name. Micheal who was the leaders there boarded us to the island. owh my god i felt so dizzy when  the boat sailed. i also got a video on the boat. There's also a fasilitator that controlled our safety. they were a univercity student in teaching.
we are soo proud with them so far. they exchange their experience that they had face to us. when we reached there, micheal allowed us to stayed at the homestay. we schocked again, because the environment there absolutely different from what we expected. ok, told the positive one first, i like the island because it was so unique and. rare. i thought better for me to don't told about it. just make it as an experience.

ermm...third day tommorow...


Anonymous said...

Hey ya!
did you meet faiz(smtm2007) by any chance at Tasik Kenyir??
Well, he's in my class this year and he went to Tasik Kenyir too...
But, maybe on another day, I guess.
Nice trip, huh?