(one story)

Actually, i had create a story. it just to use my leasure time it has 20 episode..the day to day i will create the story through my environment and what i face on that day. it was not about my life but i try to show what i do through another character. i had draw the character and i will exhibit it soon. and don't be mad if the story is noncense. the first episode wii begin anytime but i had made a schedule and i also will take it out soon.

what i hope 4 this story???? eermm of course laa i wanted to attract many followers 4 my blog. i donn't know why i wanted to create the story. it came like a shocked. first what can i told was i will showed the synopsis.
owh, one more i actualy need your agree to showed this story.if just apart of u agree i will canceled it.
and if the majority agree i will continue with it. so what?

agree or not. if u agree just post a comment to my blog and if i do not get any respond from all of u that mean no.ok salam.


Sapikazman said...

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